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Poems for Teeth


Richard Loranger


Poems for Teeth


Literature & Fiction

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We Press; artwork by Eric Waldemar and Richard Loranger edition (January 1, 2005)





Poems for Teeth by Richard Loranger

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Poems for Teeth by Richard Loranger
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Poems for Teeth by Richard Loranger
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Teeth fall out. It’s part of the human – er, mammalian – er, vertebrate condition. It’s been happening for ages. We deal with it. Still, you’d think that in this day and age, there’d be a stop to it, a tooth preserver, some dental panacea. The thing is, it’s not so much for a lack of dental technology that we still have dental problems – the technology is there, but the behavior is not. I could have much healthier teeth if I had taken better care of them, in a few different ways as you will see, and if I lived in a society that didn’t reserve decent medical care as a privilege of class, that didn’t, in effect, value money over human lives. Wishful thinking, in this day and age, and all the more as the minutes tick by. So I guess that I have my political complaints as well. The state of our teeth reflects the state of our cultures, our selves, our politics, our psyches, our bodies, and just about every other thing subject to human follies and flaws, foibles and corruption, at least that I can think of, anyway. Says poet Richard Loranger, "I have my mother's eyes and teeth. Her eyes are beautiful. Her teeth are mostly artificial. A few of mine are of that brilliant blend of sand, metal, and fire, and some prtly so, but quite a few are just plain gone. These poems are their story, at least in part, but they're also about your teeth, and everyone's for that matter, as well as a few other things." This is a book of poetry, drawings, and songs.

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